Hocico — Los Días Caminando en el Fuego (20 Years Keeping the Blood Boiling)
  Production Details   Tracklist
  Release Date: 2013⋅Aug⋅30   Los Días Caminando en el Fuego
  Format: Box Set;
2×CD, Album +
CD, Mini-Album, Enhanced
  1-01. Ancestros, das Feuer and the Past (20 Years Ago) 2:35
      1-02. Fade Into Oblivion 7:04
      1-03. Thy Kingdom Come 5:29
  Country: Germany   1-04. Come and Eat It! 3:52
  Label – Catalogue #: out of line – OUT 630 | 631 | 632   1-05. Song of Hate 6:15
  Label Code: LC 02947   1-06. Open the Gates of Hell 4:35
        1-07. Army of Puppets 4:50
  Barcode: 4 260207 954032   1-08. Saviors 6:19
  Matrix: 00095 53328 436 01 + 53328440   1-09. El Renacer de los Caídos 2:35
  Mastering SID Code: IFPI LV27   1-10. I'm Insane 2:31
  Mould SID Code: IFPI 01**   1-11. Dissolve Me 6:35
  Made by: EDC Germany   1-12. Silencio en la Tierra de los Sueños 5:19
  Matrix: 00095 53328 487 01 + 53328494   1-13. Trust 5:31
  Mastering SID Code: IFPI LV27   1-14. The Dreamers 2:21
  Mould SID Code: IFPI 01**   1-15. Go Fuck Yourself! 4:24
  Made by: EDC Germany   1-16. Follow Me Down 1:22
  Matrix: 00095 53328 570 01 + 53328594     Duration: 71:46
  Mastering SID Code: IFPI LV27   2-01. God Wrote Me a Letter 4:55
  Mould SID Code: IFPI 01**   2-02. Rebellious 4:59
  Made by: EDC Germany   2-03. Wild Night Out 3:29
        2-04. Reincarnate 5:57
  Production by: Hocico   2-05. La Marcha de los Enterrados 2:14
  Re-mastered by: Racso Agroyam   2-06. Age of Perdition (Studio Raw Version) 6:26
  Hocico Photos by: Fabian Aicrag   2-07. House of the Spirits 4:48
  Book Artwork by: Tino Claus   2-08. Dead of Winter 4:48
  Cover Artwork by: user.dx   2-09. La Danza de mi Sombra 4:48
    Racso Agroyam   2-10. In a Few Hours You'll Be Dead 1:16
Notes   2-11. Concreto 4:39
Aztec pyramid box set. Limited and numbered to 999 copies.

This box set contains a deluxe 2×CD version of the album (OUT630 | 631), an exclusive Mini-Album entitled "Días de Perros" (OUT632), a commemorative medal, a retrospective photo book, an amulet (hand-made in Mexico) and a replica of the first official band shirt (Odio Bajo el Alma).

Track #2-07 is an early version of La Gloria del Odio

Tracks #3-04 and #3-08 recorded in 1989
Tracks #3-02 and #3-05 recorded in 1990
Tracks #3-07 and #3-10 recorded in 1991
Track #3-09 recorded in 1995
Track #3-06 recorded in 1997
Track #3-03 recorded in 1998
Track #3-01 recorded in 1999

[Los Días Caminando en el Fuego (20 Years Keeping the Blood Boiling)]
All songs were written, produced and recorded by Hocico between 1993 and 2012.
Except for track #1-13 music and lyrics by Robert James Smith, Simon Gallup, Porl Thompson, Boris Williams, and Perry Bamonte.
© Fiction Songs Ltd. / Musik Edition Discoton GmbH (Universal Music Publishing Group)

Vocals recorded in old dark bedrooms in Mexico City and at Der Berg, Germany
All vocals by Erk Aicrag except for track #1-07 and #2-07 vocals by Racso Agroyam

Mixed and engineered by Racso Agroyam at Liquido Labs, Mexico.

Mastered by Hocico

Cover Artwork by Racso Agroyam and userdx.de

[Días de Perros]
...is a collection of unreleased, almost forgotten, Hocico songs, demos and outtakes from the first stage of the band and some tracks from the very early music projects conceived by Racso Agroyam (Niñera Degenerada and Hocico de Perro) before we decided to start making music under the name Hocico. All this material was written, produced and recorded between 1989 and 1999.

All vocals and music by Racso Agroyam
except for track #3-04 samples by Erk Aicrag, Racso Agroyam, Dylan Agroyam, Donovan Agroyam, Fabian Aicrag, and Gustavo Bautista
and track #3-08 vocals by Erk Aicrag and Dylan Agroyam

The 1995 live footage is an excerpt from one of our first shows ever to be caught on tape.

Mixed and engineered by Racso Agroyam at Liquido Labs, Mexico.

Mastered by Hocico

Artwork by userdx.de

℗ & © 2013 out of line Music GmbH

Made in Germany
Distributed by Rough Trade
  2-12. Not Like You (First Take) 2:51
  2-13. En la Mirada del Asesino 3:13
  2-14. The Last Human on Earth 7:14
    Duration: 61:44
  Días de Perros
  3-01. Hocico — Discontent 3:35
  3-02. Hocico de Perro — Placer 2:44
  3-03. Hocico — Hate You 3:52
  3-04. Niñera Degenrada — Enfermedad Siniestra 3:37
  3-05. Niñera Degenrada — Illusion 2:55
  3-06. Hocico — Burning Eyes 5:05
  3-07. Hocico de Perro — Lluvia Podrida 5:30
  3-08. Hocico de Perro — Transtorno Psiquico 2:21
  3-09. Hocico — Convulsion 5:26
  3-10. Hocico de Perro — Mente Retorcida 2:42
    Duration: 37:55
  Video — Live Footage from Mexico City – 1995
  3-11. Euthanasia –:––
  3-12. Intoxicados –:––
  3-13. Self Destructive Path –:––
  3-14. Existence –:––
  3-15. Juego en Silencio –:––
    Duration: 27:01

[Note in Booklet]

The Days Walking on Fire
> Walking on Fire without Burning <

Today we wake up with a smell of ashes on our feet and realize it's been 20 years since we started riding a lashing beast. It's been 20 years since we started smiling at the devil within. 20 years of endless shedding of skins. It's been 20 years of spilling blood, tears, sweat and cum on white paper sheets and synthesizers. 20 years of brain surgeries, and some others of heart and bone, too. 20 years of up and down beating. 20 years of laughter and of grief ... but, above all, 20 years of believing in the magic that let us keep doing what we love. Today, we realize our bodies are 20 years older, but our spirit has not aged a bit.

After these 7'300 days plus leap years, minutes more, minutes less, we want to celebrate with you, those who have chosen to share part of your lives with us: to transform and become a scream of rage with us; who have chosen to support us and tear a smile from us, to bless and damn us, to carry us upon your shoulders when the stage can do no more; and to save us from the depths of hell when we needed you; but moreover: to remind us we exist.

Today, we decided to relive some sound and graphic spirits that resist oblivion. Spirits that screamed from the dungeons to be freed.

Sometime in 2010, Racso decided to do what it takes to bring an old friend back to life: the workstation Yamaha SX85. To our surprise, when checking those dusty 3.5 floppy disks, we found more songs to be rescued than we imagined. What you will listen in these three parts is some of that sound material. We feel proud of them to be part of our dreams, when dreams were not yet dreamt.

20 years ago, we screamed against all that we disliked for the first time. Some called us naive, but we chose to keep raging.

This collection of songs and photos of the story of two angry kids that one day chose to walk on fire is for all of you, Hocicones!

For all the years that are to come, and for all the Hocicones that share the trip along, this trip goes on!

Erk and Racso, July 2013

 CD1 & 2: Los Días Caminando en el Fuego (20 Years Keeping the Blood Boiling)
 CD3: Días de Perros
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