Welcome to Under the Silence . bplaced . net — Slevin Kelevra's Headquarter
Moin Moin.

This is a site about me, Stefan alias Slevin Kelevra – music enthusiast, addict, collector, and statistic lover.

On this site you can find a (nearly – I guess) full list of shows I've attended, and also my collections of the British Post-Hardcore / Crust band Fall of Efrafa, of the British / Austrian Post- / Progessive Metal band Light Bearer, the Galician Folk band Sangre de Muerdago and of the Icelandic Post-Rock / Alternative / Experimental band Sigur Rós.

I'm involved in the concert collective Swansea Constellation. We're organizing shows in Leipzig, Germany, and book some European tours as well. We also organize the Doom Over Leipzig Festival, which takes place at the UT Connewitz. Usually in April every year.

A few more "details" about me:

Heart & Passion.
Rather angry than sad.
Probably not liking your taste in music, since 1983.

Music. Art. Movies. Photography.
Birds. Nature. Bridges.

speciesism, fascism, racism, nationalism, sexism, homophobia, antisemitism, violence, and other similiar exclusion.

Best regards and Ahoi,