This is a site about me, Stefan alias Slevin Kelevra — music... enthusiast, addict, collector, and statistics lover.

On this site you can find a (nearly – I guess) full list of events I've attended, and also my collections of the British Post-Hardcore / Crust band Fall of Efrafa, of the British / Austrian Post- / Progessive Metal band Light Bearer, the Galician Folk band Sangre de Muerdago, and the Mexican Dark Electro band Hocico.

Before I became a part of the concert crew Köter Könzerte I was involved in the former concert collective Swansea Constellation of which I was also one of the founders. We were organizing the Doom Over Leipzig Festival which took place at the UT Connewitz from 2010 till 2018.

I got inspired to create a site like this by my friend Tino who shares the same addiction interest.

A few more "details" about me:

161% Vegan Anarchist.
Heart & Passion.
Rather angry than sad.
Probably not liking your taste in music.

No Place For
speciesism, fascism, racism, nationalism, sexism, homophobia, antisemitism, and other similiar exclusion.