Fall of Efrafa Collection
This is a tribute dedicated to the British Post-Hardcore / Crust band Fall of Efrafa.
On this site I'll try to list every version of each release with details.

Originally from Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom, the band was formed in 2005 with the intention of publishing a trilogy, called The Warren of Snares, based around a reimagining of the mythological and political overtones in the novel »Watership Down« by Richard Adams, focusing their efforts in forwarding atheist / animal rights ideologies. They wrote very long epic, heavy, melancholic Post-Hardcore, taking influence from Post-Rock, Post-Metal, Ambient Black Metal, Hardcore etc.
The trilogy is composed of the albums Owsla (meaning warrior, or defender), Elil (meaning enemy, or predator), and Inlé (meaning both death, and the name of a deific character within the societies beliefs).

In the novel, Efrafa is a rabbit colony ruled by a dictator, named General Woundwort, who oppresses rebels through his elite police, the Owsla. In the context of the bands concept, Owsla represents the populace around which the story revolves, the Efrafa representing humanity. In the clutches of a theocratic dictatorship, their society is on the brink of collapse. With the encroachment of the Efrafa, an invasive species, this dictatorship turns to blind faith, obedience and punishment for answers. The story records the uprising by those who defy the word of rule and religion, culminating in not only the dethronement of their leader, but a futile charge against the Efrafa.

The band presents their political and social ideology, which includes references to animal rights and deeply held atheism; they also attack humanities destructive habits, while analysing their relationship with religion and fight against tyranny. The trilogy is cyclical and runs in reverse; with Owsla representing the climax and eventual rebirth of the story. This is signified by a passage of cello which bookends the trilogy – representing the eventual rise and fall of empires and our inability to learn from past mistakes.

They played their last show at Westhill Hall, Brighton, UK on December 5th, 2009.
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