»2009 saw the final year of Fall of Efrafa, a year in which we recorded and released the closing chapter of our trilogy of records, and played more shows than we had done in the two years preceding. In March of 2009, we finally toured the United States, accompanied by our friends Protestant, an awesome Hardcore band from Milwaukee. We played 12 shows , including dates in Chicago, New York and Pittsburgh. Alex brought a video camera with him and recorded a lot of footage whilst on the road. Our friends Kristian and Jennifer, film makers from NYC also followed us on this tour and filmed the majority of the live footage presented here. A few months later we played our final European tour, visiting Germany, Denmark and Sweden, a short but sweet farewell to all the people we had met on previous tours. It was somewhat somber, we were all aware that this was the last time we would do this. Our American friends once again accompanied us and filmed our final performances in mainland Europe. We met so many wonderful people, played some of the best shows in our career and shared memories that will last forever, it was sobering to know that it was almost over. On December 5th 2009, we played our last ever show in Brighton, UK, to a crowd of people from all over the world. It was an intimate, overwhelming night, and along with a host of footage from both tours, photographs, art work and words, filmed and presented on this DVD, a lasting legacy for both those who enjoyed this band, and for us.«

THE ROAD is a restrospective of the final year of Fall of Efrafa. Over an hour of footage shot during their only US tour and their final European tour. Includes comprehensive interviews, and photo section (non-audio).

Due to severe technical issues with coding the DVD footage of the final European tour was not included in the DVD. The artwork was printed long before the decision was made to cut it.

THE ROAD is a Simon Lewis Production, 2010.
US tour footage filmed in March 2009, by Alex, Kristian and Jennifer.
Final show footage filmed on December 5th 2009 at the Westhill Community Hall in Brighton, UK, by Simon Lewis.

All music by Fall of Efrafa
All artwork by Alex

Fall of Efrafa supports a vegan atheist lifestyle.
Equality should be a right for all life, not a privilege.
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:  1
:  Guitar / Piano / Vocals
:  Drums / Vocals
:  Bass / Vocals
:  Guitar / Vocals
:  Main Vocals / Lyrics

Release Date
: 2010⋅07⋅06
: Germany
United States of America
Label – Catalogue #
: Denovali Records – den44
Halo of Flies Records – halo24
SID Mastering Code
Manufactured by
: Pirates Press
Pressed by
: GZ Digital Media – W60315
: Limited to 500 copies.
Comes in a hand-printed cardboard gatefold cover including a hand-screened patch.
: The Warren of Snares USA Tour
: Final European Tour
: The Final Show
: Photographs and Artwork
 Chapter Title Duration 
  The Warren of Snares USA Tour  
1-01 [Untitled] 1:12
1-02 For El Ahrairah to Cry (Borg Ward, Milwaukee) /
The Fall of Efrafa (Robot Project, Pittsburgh)
1-03 Last But Not Least (America, New Brunswick) 2:23
1-04 Dominion Theology (ABC No Rio, New York City) 5:36
1-05 The Fall of Efrafa (Barclay House, Baltimore) 5:33
1-06 Dominion Theology (Nara Sushi, Richmond) 5:45
1-07 The Fall of Efrafa (Static Age, Asheville) 10:14
1-08 The Burial (Dishaus, Knoxville) 8:30
1-09 Dominion Theology (Legion of Doom, Columbus) 1:29
1-10 Dominion Theology (Black Hole, Chicago) / Credits 5:09
  The Final Show  
2-01 Simulacrum / Dominion Theology 10:16
2-02 Dominion Theology (continued) 8:14
2-03 Dominion Theology (continued) 9:15
2-04 Shout-Outs to the Crowd / The Burial 12:52
2-05 The Fall of Efrafa (without Intro) 3:13
2-06 The Sky Suspended / The Warren of Snares 11:06
2-07 The Warren of Snares (continued) 7:44


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